Fresh Fruit Brekkie

I like to make this little number for breakfast now and again at the weekends. If we had my favourite fruits available locally here all year around, I’d make it all the time. When I make it in winter I can’t help thinking about the mother of all carbon footprints that it must be leaving behind! You can of course compile it as you like, but I’m a girl who likes her berries.

1-2 limes
Honey (optional)
Yoghurt (your favourite type – I use a Danish one called A38 because it’s thick, mild and supposed to be good for all sorts of things)
Crunchy müsli

Wash and prepare your fruit (de-stoning, hulling or whatever the case may be). Cut into small chunks and put into a large bowl. Squeeze the lime over the fruit and drizzle some honey over it (if you think it needs sweetening). Mix gently. Serve in individual glasses/bowls with yoghurt and a sprinkling of müsli on top.

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