Monthly Archives: August 2010

Foodies Gather on Noma Turf – Danish Food Blogger Symposium 2010

On Saturday I had the privilege of joining some 80 fellow food bloggers for the Food Bloggers’ Symposium 2010 – the first of its kind to be held in Denmark. The Symposium took place, nestled up against none other than the best restaurant in the world – Noma, on Copenhagen’s North Atlantic Wharf. Local gourmet produce I arrived at […]

Raspberry Shortcakes with Mascarpone

Random piece of information no. 1 When I was girl I was given a strawberry shortcake doll, which I loved, not least because she smelled of strawberries. At that point I didn’t know that the name of the doll was derived from a classic American baked delight of the same name. Random piece of information […]

Fresh Vegetables on the Doorstep

Perhaps it’s just me, but I really think there’s something about being able to buy your vegetables fresh from a stall or market. (Well I would prefer if I just grew them all myself in my back garden, but since that’s very small and has recently been taken over by pet rabbits, I don’t think that’s […]