Monthly Archives: September 2010

Spelt Salad with Plums & Chanterelles

I seem to have gone plum bonkers recently. However, I’ve decided to limit plum blog posts to two – one savoury and one sweet (the latter will be coming up soon). This recipe is loosely based on one in Claus Meyer‘s book, Salatværksted. Not that there is anything wrong with Claus’s version, I just fancied making […]

Kirsa’s Bread Rolls

It’s funny because I’ve been baking cakes, cookies etc. for as long as I remember, but I’ve always kind of steered clear of bread-making. I think it’s all that faffing around with yeast, floured work tops etc. that has put me off. This is not a good thing, people, when you live in Denmark. All Danes, no matter […]

Little Melty Chocolate Pots

This year for my husband’s birthday I made these instead of the traditional birthday cake. He didn’t seem to mind. Alas, between you and me, they didn’t exactly turn out as they were supposed to. The plan was to tip them out of their little pots, you see, and serve them on a plate with ice cream. Well the […]