The ‘C’ Word

Fellow food blogger Heidi recently introduced me to this great little place that has opened close to where we live. For me the best part is that they make great coffee – using the same beans as many other Copenhagen cafés, but treating them in a way that seems to appeal to this particular palate. Oh and to make matters even better, the prices are a good 20% lower than a lot of other places in these parts.

Apart from the coffee, I really like the atmosphere in this place – friendly service, comfy seats, organic bread & pastries, the best dark chocolate in the country and free wifi :) I’ve tried to capture the ambience in these photos:

If you’re a cheesecake-lover (sadly I’m not that type of girl) I’m sure you’ll find a favourite amongst the range glimpsed below

A tribute to stamp collecting coffee drinkers…

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    Good job Kerry. I’ve wanted to make such a post for a while now. Btw, saw a large poster for Agnes’ cupcakes hanging somewhere close to Kronprisensgade and thought of you. Though I’m not a big fan of cupcakes, I’ll give it a shot when I get back.

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