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A Couple of Hippies and a Beetroot Cake

Over the past couple of years we’ve been striving more and more in our house to eat locally grown/produced food, waste less etc. – it just feels like the right thing to do and I find it makes me enjoy my food more. (It does have its downside too though, in that it can turn […]

Baby it’s Cold Outside – Plants, Life and a Coleslaw

I’m the first to admit that food-blogging in the winter hasn’t been my strong point. I’d much rather take photos in those bright Scandinavian days of spring and summer. I think it’s time for a new strategy in 2012 – to start with I’m trying to embrace winter and capture some of the atmosphere and […]

The ‘C’ Word

Fellow food blogger Heidi recently introduced me to this great little place that has opened close to where we live. For me the best part is that they make great coffee – using the same beans as many other Copenhagen cafés, but treating them in a way that seems to appeal to this particular palate. […]