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Tomato Salad with Redcurrants and Red Onion

Claus Meyer‘s ‘Salatværksted’ cookery book has become something of a salad bible in my kitchen. He has a talent for putting ingredients together where I start by thinking “huh, really, hmm not sure about that…” when I read the recipe, and end up all like, “ahhh, that’s so good!” after tasting it. This salad is a […]

Creamy Potato Gratin

Warning: This recipe contains large traces of cream and butter – stop reading now if you’re an anti-fat freak ;-) OK, I know what you’re thinking – if she’s not making cake, then she’s churning out creamy potato gratins. Not true really. What you see on my blog is just a snapshot of the food […]

Foodies Gather on Noma Turf – Danish Food Blogger Symposium 2010

On Saturday I had the privilege of joining some 80 fellow food bloggers for the Food Bloggers’ Symposium 2010 – the first of its kind to be held in Denmark. The Symposium took place, nestled up against none other than the best restaurant in the world – Noma, on Copenhagen’s North Atlantic Wharf. Local gourmet produce I arrived at […]